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No idea, probably 1000s. But you could probably get 100s at close to the same price. If you're in the market.
Here is how Kodak priced the 22MP chip back in 2006:

First 50 pieces purchased $14900
Next 50 pieces purchased $9950
Next 400 pieces purchased $3450
Next 500 pieces purchased $3200

If Hasselblad is the only company using the 50MP chip, then think about how many they might sell. The entire digital back market is about 10,000 units a year. I expect Hasselblad sells around 2000 of those but that covers all their backs. They might only order 500 of these 50MP sensors to begin with.

Then look at the pricing model above. Although the volume pricing was $3200 'in volume', if you did only order 500 units, the price was $5245.

In other words, buying hundreds or buying thousands makes a big difference to the price.