Yeah one of the most important things I'm doing now is deciding who will process my film.

I can get the exact look I want by a company that processes said photographers film and use his color pac or go with one a bit less and have them use a couple sample images as reference.

I tried to get my Wife to let me make the walk in closet a dark room...she declined, for now...also I have an issue with doing it myself since I'm dead set on what I want to come out. I believe I can do it, but not for a little while due to experience obviously. So it might not be worth getting crappy prints because I'm terrible right off the bat.

Oh and "am I set" turned into a Hasselblad 500cm arriving next week

So I have the TLR coming and the Wife is only moderately annoyed, so it's a win win!

It came with 3 film backs a 150mm and 80mm (CF) for a I couldn't say no

Someone let me know I'm not completely mental, or at least I have good taste, or something!