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Thread: Hasselblad/Sony collaboration, wifi tethering?

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    Hasselblad/Sony collaboration, wifi tethering?

    I saw this on twitter Camera Remote Apps Developer Program and it seems that WiFi transfer of the captured image is going mainstream. I always new it could and would.
    When the Lunar was launched I was disappointed to see that Phocus did not connect to or handle Lunar images (I was still working for Hasselblad then). I had heard so many good things about the Sony chips. This development of Sony's has some similarities to Phocus mobile so I hope it is not too much to hope that some convergence between the two companies would result in wireless tethering that hopefully include the H cameras.
    I can't help being an optimist and I can't see how Hasselblad (and other manufacturers) can continue to use the obsolete FireWire interface.

    Please don't let this become another discussion about the Lunar or Stellar cameras, they are what they are and are not medium format anyway.
    Classic V, support for Hasselblad V system cameras.

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    Re: Hasselblad/Sony collaboration, wifi tethering?

    Douglas FWIW we now use both Firewire (which is still available and is still the choice of many MF users) and USB3.0 (which is becoming a standard on desktops/ laptops).

    Super fast WiFi will, eventually, become a real tethering option but it is not there yet, at least not for hi-res RAW files...

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    Re: Hasselblad/Sony collaboration, wifi tethering?

    With the looks of the cooperation between Hasselblad and Sony so far, I can't see that happen. The Lunar and the Stellar are marketed as fashion accessories (which is what they are) and don't even represent Sony's latest technological advances.

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    Re: Hasselblad/Sony collaboration, wifi tethering?

    The big news here is that Sony has released a programming interface to the cameras. This allows people to easily write applications on the iPhone which control and interface to the camera. It looks relatively straightforward to use.
    We will start to see many 3rd party apps appearing.

    An idea I had was to use the Sony camera as a viewfinder for a tech camera.
    Mount it on top of the tech camera. Write an app which controls the zoom and displays a set zoom plus live view on iPhone. Eg 90 mm

    If phase one or hasselblad could release a similar programming interface for future digital backs. Then let 3rd party developers/ hobbyists write the applications there would be many interesting ideas for programs appearing and many interesting ways to use the technology.


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