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Thread: P30 Plus Noise test

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    Re: P30 Plus Noise test

    Okay I lied in just showed up at my door. Camera received Monday updated to 1.5 firmware and in my hands Wednesday. I know wish we could do this ourselves and save the energy and cost of shipping but at least it gets back fast. Hopefully the next new body we won't have to do this anymore and I am sure that will be the case.
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    Re: P30 Plus Noise test

    Sorry for the delayed response everyone. I confirmed the problem today and talked to Phase's support team. The bug is on the test track for the next version, so it should get fixed soon.

    Short summary: things don't work right when you set a default noise reduction.

    Long summary: When you set a user default for noise reduction (color or luminance) the sliders will always correctly show the intended noise reduction setting (your user defaults), but when the program is drawing on the defaults (either because the image has not been changed at all, or because you've pushed the reset-to-defaults button) the actual noise reduction will be the FACTORY default settings rather than your user defaults. So the noise reduction applies will be different than the sliders indicate. When you move the sliders at all then the program will start applying the correct amount of noise reduction. This can result in a very strange situation where two files (or two versions of the same file) can have the same displayed noise reduction settings but have very different levels of noise reduction applied.

    The work around is to not set your own user defaults, and instead save your noise reduction settings as part of a style which you apply immediately to all images you import. If you have already changed the defaults simply select "reset defaults"

    This had gone previously unnoticed because it's only obvious when the image is high ISO and the difference between the user-defined-default and factory-default sticks out.

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    Re: P30 Plus Noise test

    well baby face now I know how you keep your skin so soft, the secret is jergens!!! LOL

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