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Thread: Pentax Q 06 lens died on me today

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    Pentax Q 06 lens died on me today

    I was out, was about to use it and AF can no longer happen. It just won't. Thinking the contacts could use a cleaning, did that and nothing.

    Weird thing- sometimes when I turn on the camera and try to auto focus the lens does a weird "Atari 2600" sound in a sequence- very low volume. I can only imagine this means something to Pentax Repair.

    The lens as it is fly by wire manual focus, can't manual focus either. Bummer, I was planning to take some shots today.

    Last good shot taken with it (see below). This is the perfect excuse to jump to another system but I Think I am going to repair it anyway. If the bill is to high, then I'll take that as a hint.

    Last good shot taken with it:

    - Ricardo

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    Re: Pentax Q 06 lens died on me today

    Sending along a good thought that the repair is simple and inexpensive.

    Good luck!

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