Honestly I don't need Sony to make fast primes nor does canon or Nikon. There are 3 Art Sigma lenses on the market that pretty much kick everyone's ***. People keep talking about adapters but keep forgetting how thick there Nikon , Canon bodies are because of the mirror box. Realty is there the same distance from the sensor with a adapter on the mirror less bodies and the same distance on a full body Nikon or Canon. There really is no difference. Sure more native glass would be great but I'm working and doing just fine waiting on Sony. Do you actually think I would make this switch to Sony without being able to shoot a gig. Not a freaking chance. I calculated this out from day one. Now no question I like trying different glass. But I'm not lacking anything and if I was I could easily just go buy A mount ZA glass that does AF and has fast glass. I have and continue today with 2 of them but hell I could go buy 3 1.4 lens for less than 2700 right now today compared to what a Leica 28 cron at 3k. Trust me I had nikons 35 and canons 35 1.4 glass and there no better than Sigma Art at a far better price. As a Pro if anyone should bitch it should be me. Well I'm not and pretty dang happy about things but more importantly I'm willing to stick with a company that's actually making some moves.