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DP Review Forum to Close

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For those wishing to follow Jim to a new forum, he is now the moderator at this medium format forum. He announced this at DP Review today.
Yes, that is a new forum he is helping jump-start. Initially, Jim wanted to continue at Fred Miranda and Kevin's PhotoPXL. I visit those forums occasionally, but I feel GetDPI is better for MF at the moment.
My main concern about Jim being active on GetDPI would be that his "groupies" would follow. Some of them could enrich this forum, but some could spoil the atmosphere of GetDPI.


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Just a quick note about moderation.

Being a moderator is indeed a hard - and often thankless - job. But, it's also a position of power in a community. Some people enjoy helping as moderators for the best of the communities they moderate, others enjoy being moderators for the power that comes with it.

Moderators, in my view, should be there to ensure civil proceedings in a forum, not to take sides or rule on the matter of an argument.

Some of DPR forums had great moderators overall, some forums had a mixed bag of good / not so good moderators. Often, in case of what I perceived as not-so-good or unfair moderation, going "one level up" helped solve - temporarily or permanently - issues that what I perceived as a not-so-good moderator wouldn't be able - or willing - to solve.

In decades of forum experience (DPR among them, and dozens of others), I noticed that when moderators (again, on DPR and elsewhere) are also very active people in that same forum, things often go downhill in terms of the objectivity and fairness (so to speak) of the moderation.

Perhaps choosing moderators "cross forums", meaning e.g. having had a DPR forum member active in the Medium Format forum moderate the B&W forum, or any forum where they didn't post as much, or at all, would be a better move to ensure fairness, rather than having someone with "stakes in the game" in terms of the arguments they should moderate, moderate the game itself. Just my .02.

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Paul Spinnler

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I think the moderation in this forum is great - they intervene when necessary, but don't act politically. So no change is needed in my view. Kudos to the team!

It seems that there is now a battle between the DPReview clones for succession, so time will tell what happens on that front.

I think it is not useful to now discuss individual moderators from other forums here – what's the point; there's great moderation in place and it seems all will sort itself out.


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Here is an instructive example of what I predicted would have happened to this Forum if the denizens of the DP Review Medium Format Forum and its ever so even handed moderators had been allowed to decamp here and enforce their version of civility. What prompted this? A short and purely factual post mentioning a Capture Integration/Hasselblad event in Denver. Nice vibe for a post about an event sponsored by the company that sponsors this forum. That kind of snarkiness would not have been well received here.
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I don't often base my opinions about photography, art and even equipment ONLY on technical specs and reviews but I really, really appreciate what Jim has provided over the years at DPreview and on his blog. I am pretty sure it takes a certain kind of person to spend that much time doing such in depth technical reviews (for free) and I don't mean that in a negative way at all. I have never met Jim and I have disagreed (or not based my own opinions purely on his scientific findings) but I don't remember any of the weird stupid stuff going on that seems to happen in almost all forums. as far as I know he has been very civil.
the key to a good forum is knowledge and trust, a lot of us have been floating around on these forums for years, agreeing, then disagreeing, mostly civil.
I come to all these places to find out information and to share the information available to me.

Ed Hurst

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I love the way that GetDPI is. Whether that's partly a result of specific others not being here, I have no way of knowing (and no opinion on the subject). I just know that it's amazing precisely the way it is. As far as I am concerned, others are always truly welcome here, provided they add to (rather than detracting from) the amazingness :).

Culture is far more than the sum of the parts (the individuals). It's the ghost in our machine. It's the magic dust, the secret sauce, that makes this place special. Long may it continue and be treasured. That said, I'd hate for the accumulated knowledge of other fora to be lost.
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