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Fuji GF 30T/S, Digaron-W32mmHR, Digaron-S35mmHR, ZeissDistagonPC35mm comparision


The shift information is displayed on the LCD in 0.5mm increments, but when it's sent to C1, it's recorded in 0.1mm increments.

As for the rotational increments, both the screen and the data sent to C1 are in 3° increments. This is where I was wrong in my first comment, I originally thought C1 was recording lens rotation in 1° increments.

Aah, you're right, 249° is a multiple of three, I was under the impression that neither shift nor rotation values were identical between the EVF/LCD and C1.
I did a shoot using C1 and a GF 30mm T/S a couple of days ago so I was curious to see whether the results of your observation reflect the ones on my setup. As expected: it's identical.
I've just revisited this thread and noticed your question was not answered directly, you probably already found the answer but, in case you didn't, here's what Warren Diggles wrote on page 3 of this thread:

"True, you are not able to get 15mm X + 15mm Y, but you are still able to shift 15mm in any direction in 1° increments. The shift amount becomes the hypotenuse of a right triangle.
So let's say you rotate the lens to 45° and shift the full 15mm, this means you are shifting 10mm X + 10mm Y. Or let's say you rotate the lens 67°, this means you are shifting the lens 5.88mm X + 13.8mm Y. It's very useful.
Thankfully, you don't have to think about any of that when composing. You simply look through the viewfinder as you rotate the lens and adjust the shift amount. It's a very fluid way to compose your scene and you have very precise control."

The only thing I have to add is that, for some strange reason, my GF 30mm T/S cannot rotate in 1° increments, more specifically: during rotation the viewfinder will display rotation amount in 3° increments instead of 1° increments. Not sure if this carries over into software as I mainly use Lightroom.

Yes, the same applies to the Canon 50mm TS-E, minus the shift/rotation sensor of the 30mm T/S of course.

That should answer your question. So yes indeed, you will save a whole bunch of cashola :)
Awesome! Thanks for that! :)

I have not had a chance to try it yet but will definitely look into it when home..


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one question to C1 and correction profiles for Fuji TS 30 mm:
I own the 22 version of the C1, my version have no profiles for the 30 TS. For the update I have to pay, but I dont really need other new functions, only the profiles for the C1. Is there a way to instale these profiles only?