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Fun with MF images 2021

Greg Haag

Well-known member
The first is a side shot from this morning at Zabriskie Point in Death Valley (lots of clear blue sky). The second is of one of my 3 favorite subjects, taken with my go to camera for action and portrait photography ;-), my trusty Cambo, IQ & Rodenstock 180mm.

Cambo 1600. IQ4 150. Rodenstock 90mm pano
Elephants Foot.jpg

Cambo 1600. IQ4 150. Rodenstock 180mm

Greg Haag

Well-known member
Zabriskie Point in Death Valley at sunrise. With the exception of one day this week, we have seen lots of clear skies, we are heading to the Oregon Coast Saturday and I am hoping the skies will be more cooperative there.

Cambo 1600 IQ4 150 Rodenstock 90mm pano

Zabriskie at Sunrise.jpg