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Fun with MF images 2021

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What a relaxing week this has been.:)

No more landscaping or house cleaning, as I am finally caught up! :)

This evening I sat down and processed my first image in awhile, and more await. I am in no hurry now.

In fact, in the morning I will take an early walk just because. Then a mocha will set the tone for the first Saturday this year without stress.

What a concept! :)

For now... I can savor this one image from yesterday.

Leica S 006
Vario 30-90mm:
White Rose Bud 2 by Leica S July 2021FINAL 12x12.jpg


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Alright all - trying something interesting - I keep getting ads for Prism FX filters - and decided to try some glimmerglass, and Cinebloom filters for fun around the house :)

View attachment 186771View attachment 186772View attachment 186773

All on a phase one IQ140 and DF+ body :) Enjoy!

Cool effect.. I use a Pro Mist 1/4 on my little Fuji X100V which gives a similar look. I've found larger, softer back-lit sources to make for some reall nice results.


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Fog Waves
WRS 1250 | IQ4 150 | Zeiss 350 Tele-Superachromat + APO1.4XE | f/16 | 30s Automated Frame Average​

I'm not entirely sure about this one, but I thought I'd post it anyway. Against my better judgment, I went out in the middle of a warm day as the fog was doing something interesting over the bay. Among other issues, the image is a bit out of focus, although the shimmering heat waves basically rendered this moot. Still, I like how the fog appears to spill over and around the distant hills.



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From Storm King, the Goldsworthy Wall, which goes into the water and reemerges just to the left of that Willow on the right side. This one is at normal height. Sorry. As always, Leica S3, 24/3.5. Trying for that looking out of the edge of the shady woods towards the bright and sunny far shore look - because that's exactly what it was. 2-shot pano.

Untitled by Matthew Grayson, on Flickr

P. Chong

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The fountain at Suntec City, Singapore. The Fountain of Wealth was the world's largest in 1998 when it opened. It has since been over taken by Dubai's Palm Fountain. Photographed in late 2019, pre-pandemic...but the place looks rather deserted...much like it is today with commercial curbs and lockdowns. Phase One XF IQ4 150 with SK 45mm BR. Hand held.