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Fun with MF images 2021

Ed Hurst

Well-known member
In Sydney's north, Narrabeen Lake is circumnavigated by a popular footpath / bike trail, a short section of which is built on a pleasingly-curved bridge. I decided that it would make a grand place for a star trail image, with the bridge itself picked out by bicycle light trails, choosing a moonlit night, so that the scene would be pleasingly illuminated. I didn't want to do this early in the evening when cyclists and walkers might object to my tripod being set up astride the walkway. So the trip was made late at night, with my own bike on the car, and cycled back & forth in the scene to create traffic, having to cycle directly under the tripod as I went. It's the first time a picture required me to bring my camera bag, a tripod, stepladders and a bike! No one else passed for the whole period I was there (about 3 hours).

Pentax 645Z with 28-45mm DA lens @ 45mm


Well-known member
Awesome picture! Can you please comment on the 60XL lens? Such as the image quality both in the center and the edge; and how much shift/rise can it achieve on IQ3 100mp before LCC cannot correct the color? Thank you so much.
As Dave has very well posted the 60mm is a very nice lens and a great focal length for me. I use it as my wide angle lens. When I shot it on my 3100 I found that under certain conditions an LCC would be desirable. It's rare for me to shift beyond 10mm but even then with some sky conditions an LCC could be needed. It's not a big deal or file killer as with other lenses and you could easily have stock LCC files made and just use those. This just pertains to the 3100 as the 4150 has mostly eliminated the use of LCC correction.

Victor B.

P. Chong

Well-known member
Testing out my new Fujifilm GFX 50S II, production unit, delivered on Thursday. Both photographs taken with the GF 50mm f/3.5.

View of Shaw Center from Ion Orchard. Just before sunset (6:51pm). Classic Negative film simulation in ACR.


A bit later, photograph of Ion Orchard. This one in Velvia film simulation.