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Fun with MF images 2021

P. Chong

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Singapore is not out of the pandemic woods yet. We are currently in what is called the Stabilization Phase, where eating out is only limited to 2 pax, and only for fully vaccinated adults. As a result, our hawker culture, which I have featured before, takes a t hit. Food centers are rather more empty than usual. Here is the normally busy Hawker Center at Commonwealth Crescent. Very quiet at peak dinner time.

Fujifilm GFX 50S II + Hasselblad HCD 4/28 with H Adapter. Handheld, jpeg shot with Acros film simulation in 6524 X-Pan mode.


A few more pics on this link.


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I've been learning the Zeiss 250/5.6 Superachromat. My goal has been to extend the Leica S lenses to longer focal lengths. The 250 is an older design with older coatings, and has less contrast, but ... well, here is the same branch of beginning fall foliage with both the 250/5.6 and the S 180/3.5, both at f/8 (yes, I should have adapted the f stop to the focal length, but I forgot.) Both shot from tripod and cropped to same FoV.

Zeiss 250/5.6

Leica 180/3.5

Not a bad match!



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@MGrayson , I noticed similar comparing S180 to Pentax 67 300. I prefer the S180.
I'm not expecting to find any optics at the long end that I prefer to the S. I just want something that makes me smile. I looked at Venus once through a century old 9" refractor. I've looked through bigger telescopes and better telescopes, but nothing I've seen has matched the visceral pleasure of that view. I guess I'm chasing that in photography outside the S range, where I have it. (Yeah yeah, photographer, not camera. I know. :rolleyes: But still...)
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This will be old news for many, but for those thinking about a tilt adapter, it might be useful. I tried out a Fotodiox tilt-shift adapter recently. I used a 50R and a Pentax 645 55mm lens. I wish I had had better subject matter, but I was very impressed with the effect of about 5 degrees of tilt. The closest leaves were about 8 ft from the camera. Note the furthest leaves.