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Fun with MF images 2022


Well-known member
Finally finished processing my Washington DC images, hoping to go back again next spring when the cherry trees are blooming. I particularly enjoyed the Jefferson Memorial at night, although I expected the statue of Jefferson to be lit.
Very nice. There was a time when it was. Hadn’t realized that had stopped.

Ed Hurst

Well-known member
Hi, ED , your Pentax lenses do a very good job on your amazing pictures!! thanks for sharing
Thanks so much, my friend. Means a lot, coming from you!

The lenses do hold up very well, though 102MP requires some care to get the best from them.


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We are in need of rain here..lots of it. Yesterday the sky was dark gray all day with rain predicted, but we only received a light sprinkling. Strangely just before nightfall, a bright layer of orange/yellow appeared between the dark sea and the cloud layer.
I grabbed my camera to record the moment; and 😅 it rained heavily during last night