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Fun with MF images 2023

P. Chong

Well-known member
LOL...that's why it always looks better through the ground glass of a view camera...upaide down and laterally inverted...:)

I don't like to do this, but I think it may look better upside down:

I think that says something terrible about the image!

P. Chong

Well-known member
Another building by Swan & Maclaren, Singapore's oldest atchitectural firm...just beside the Majestic Theater I showed earlier. This was the Nam Tin Hotel (the Great Southern Hotel). When it was completed in 1926, it was the tallest building in Chinatown. Designed in what is known as the “functional” and “rational” Modern Movement style. Design features such as strong horizontal lines with angular arches and simple cornices were applied to the building, complete with an ordinary looking facade. The building’s standout features include its special metal railings and grills, which were considered fashionable in the 1930s.

The Majestic is visible behind the Chinese New Year decorative gantry. And in the background looms the massive yellow and green People's Park Complex which when constructed in 1973 was the first high rise commercial and residential building in Singapore. Designed by DP Architects. The iconic building is due for redevelopment and I will try and document more of it in before it does under the wrecking ball.

Alpa 12 STC with Rodenstock HR 4.0/40mm and Phase One IQ3 100 back. Back was lowered about 10mm. I stood across the cross junction, and waited for the traffic lights to momentary be red on all directions for this photograph...well it was green in one direction, but my 1/200s shutter speed was fast enough that I caught this moment before the cars started off.

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The Leopard Seals and peguins have an interesting relationship. In the water, it is total predator / prey. But on land they sometimes coexist.

250mm + 1.4tc, 100s. All sourced from three different GetDPI members. You know who you are; thank you very much!



Ed Hurst

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Bit of an obscure curiosity here, with a railway (well, tramway) connection...

During annual family holidays to the South Durras area, I have always been intrigued by what is obviously a disused steam boiler lying near the coastline. It's of a reasonable size but seems, to the untrained eye, to be quite unconnected with anything around it. Naturally most people working in the area have no knowledge and even less interest in its origins, so I had to do some digging.

Turns out that this whole area used to be very active with logging of native forests and there were many sawmills along the coastline. One such used to be here at Wasp Head. I eventually discovered that there was once a tramway running here from Durras Lake. Having been brought from the surrounding areas, sawlogs would be loaded by steam winch onto a paddlewheel punt, taken to South Durras then carried along a horse tramway to this sawmill (my rough guesstimates suggest that the tramway was about 2.5 - 3km in length).

This boiler had no direct connection to the winch or the tramway, but provided power to the sawmill itself. The mill stopped working during the depression of the 1920s, fell into dereliction and was eventually demolished. If you bush bash around the headland, you can find evidence of where the mill once stood but really the only very tangible remnant is this boiler, pretty much left where it stood.

It seems to me to have received some attention to make it safe but it's otherwise mouldering away where it lies.

Fuji GFX100S with Pentax 645 28-45mm lens

Fuji GXF100S with Pentax 67 300mm EDIF lens