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Fun with S1/s1r

Yep, got the email from B&H for the warranty extension (link to the Panasonic form) and the FEDEX shipping notice. Looks like they shipped it overnight. That's a nice little bonus.


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So I wanted to do a quick lowlight test of the S1R and the close focusing ability of the 24-105/4 OIS lens. This is handheld at ISO 8000, 1/15 of a sec, f/4, and at 69mm.

Headset Test by Tre Nelson, on Flickr

What I can tell is that this will be a versatile lens for both photo and video use... and perhaps the best $450 that I've spent on a lens so far. Not a great or special shot by any means but pretty much all I did was add one of my B&W presets to it. There was little noise present and what was there was attractive "grain like" noise. On a side note the jpeg wasn't bad either and at lower ISO I can see myself delivering those for family pics. I've included it below.

Headset Test In camera jpeg by Tre Nelson, on Flickr


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Good luck with your S1R Tré, I'm looking forward to your experience vs. the Sony's (Handling, AF and IQ). I hope it's the bigger body you've been craving for.


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Good luck with your S1R Tré, I'm looking forward to your experience vs. the Sony's (Handling, AF and IQ). I hope it's the bigger body you've been craving for.
Looks like it is the larger body I wanted. It’s really comfortable but I’m not leaving Sony FE at all. I may shrink some of my Sony kit down a bit though and use some of the funds to finance a couple of lenses. I still have the Tamron 70-180/2.8 on preorder and will pick it up as soon as I can.


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ice formation, Eagle Lake
Acadia National Park, Maine
S1R w/ Sigma 14-24 Art

Happy New Year to all!



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My first few weeks with the S1R with various adapted lenses:

Otus85 @F/8 - highres mode

Mamiya RZ M 65mm L-A @ F/16 - highres mode

Summilux-m 50/1.4 asph @ F/16 - highres mode

Summilux-m 50/1.4 asph @ F/16 - highres mode

SMC Pentax 67 55mm F/4 @ /F/16 - highres mode

HD Pentax-D FA645 F/3.5 35mm AL [IF] @ F/11 - highres mode

Otus85 @F/14ish - highres mode

Otus85 @F/11ish - highres mode

All images are 3k+ so open in new tabs to see full-res.

The S1R is great, falls well to hand, best grip of all my mirrorless cameras, mostly great haptics. Magnified view for critical focus is horrible compared to z7, α9 and α7sm2. Have been using a smallhd hdmi 720 oled 7 inch external monitor for critical focus, helps very much, although I am going to upgrade to a 1200p 2200nit external hdmi. The external hdmi just plugs right in and no tethering program or external tablet or computer required, kudos to Panasonic for this. Every high resolution camera and mfdb needs this kind of high definition raw output with no additional tablet, computer, app, program etc required. HDMI, USB, Thunderbolt or Ethernet, just get it together already.

Love the S1R. 232 lp/mm spatial resolution in highres mode, no pdaf wasted pixels, good color science. It's making images I only dreamed of making before.


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Some shots with the sigma 45 dg dn contemporary, S1R normal resolution mode @ F/8:

Sigma is coming along very well, but their color contribution index isn't quite there yet. Great lens rendering, though. Right-click & open image in new tab for full resolution.



Sigma 14-24/2.8 @ 14 mm, two shots stitched for wider FOV (S1R)

Lumix 24-105/4 @24 mm, two shots stitched (S1R)

Sigma 14-24/2.8 @14 mm, four shots merged as focus stack, crop (S1R), the moon is same place same time, but 105 mm...