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Fun with the Fuji X ___!


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Sunday morning at the car showView attachment 187638
certainly wish it was mine(!!!). Just as my self-builded-in Commando 850 MKII engine in my Manx Norton Featherbed race frame (still standing rusty in my garage, ought to sell it soon) did thrill me immense in my youth (back-wheel-riding from the redlights), this 3-wheeler would be the only thing on wheels, to thrill me just as much....sad, sad, sad they stopped the production at Morgan...


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You and a lot of others too!.........BIG money now if you have a nice one! The Austin 7 in the far distance is a recent 'barn find' still in original 1935 rusted paint and leaky roof.


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When I was young my Dad used to say that "firearms and cars should be well made, reliable and easy to understand". To this list I have added 'cameras and women'....had a love/hate time with both! Strangely, although I used to love car shows for the cars, in recent times it's the people that I'm most interested by especially for photography,...but you have to be discrete.

Give me my 'boring' comfortable, well designed, fast, diesel estate car any day!


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Thanks folks :)

One from the Baltic State of Latvia...

I sometimes wonder, if buying camera equipment shall teach me anything new?
I think I shall spend my money on visiting other cultures, countries, people and history. More interesting, and educational for me. Besides making new friends!!
Need to get out of my cocoon to appreciate The Lord's earth and people.

X-T3, 18-55