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Hasselblad 28 Sept 2021 "Beyond Classic"


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Ah, the 80th anniversary special edition kit. That's what all the rumor stuff was about.
Pretty. Looks a lot like my last 1978 500SWC/M. Too bad they didn't put that detailing on the XCD 21mm f/4 lens so that it functionally worked like the SWC, but such are the ways of style and perception.
But nowhere near as significant to me, personally, as the Apollo 11 50th anniversary special edition...

Of course, reading a dozen or two posts lambasting Hasselblad for releasing a special edition in lieu of their favorite 56x56mm sensored, 100 Mpixel BSI EVF equipped, "true" macro, 250/500/1000mm telephoto lensed fantasy will now bring us all great joy. :rolleyes:

BTW: I love my "real" Hasselblad 907x Special Edition! :D

I think I'll put the Control Grip and Viewfinder on it, take it out for a little bit of an SWC romp today. ;)


Steve Hendrix

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The kit includes the CFV-50c II, 907x Camera, 30mm XCD Lens, Control Grip, Optical Finder. List price is $15,100. That means $3,474 is the overhead for the special edition elements vs purchasing those items as standard. Hasselblad states 800 units in the limited edition run with ship dates beginning late October.

Steve Hendrix/CI


Workshop Member
What a laugh. 800 is limited edition ? Leica used to produce 50 M bodies a day (all types) when the M8 was introduced . How many do you think HB can produce ? How much of their capacity can they devote to the 907X? They changed the cosmetics, increased the price by over 20% and pulled the some accessories the kit .


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I dunno how many 907x cameras Hasselblad makes in a month, but if they make 20 of them per month in this special edition, I'm sure its a small fraction of their production. They made 724 of the Apollo 11 special editions ... sold them all too, IIRC.

Regards what it is, it is simply a special cosmetic edition package as commemorative of the anniversary with special finish/styling for that purpose. I don't know what everyone's problem with that is. It's a long tradition in the camera industry ... Leica, Nikon, Canon, Olympus, Pentax, you name it, have all done the same thing over the years. 800 out of a run of thousands of mass produced cameras is a short run.

Is having something "special" now considered undesirable? Have you all never bought anything that was limited edition?


Steve Hendrix

Well-known member
Regardless of opinions, as of now, there is one fewer available per our order system... ;)

Proof that it's a big world out there. And many photographers march to the beat of their own drummer.

Steve Hendrix/CI


When you search for the Leica story there are so many models, versions, batches or special editions, than there is no people can make a line with all of them enumerated, only the brand, and even the brand doesn't know where are some of those historical cameras ( leica "0" has many units around 30 but only few are still located, around 12). There were wars, changes in the brand, cameras made in Europe, Canada, France, etc... All that model versions and special editions and quality make the brand unique for collectors. Be collectable give the brand VALUE.

Probably Hasselblad is trying tu put effort and investing money in giving value to their products. Who will buy this camera to use it? Probably no body, buyers will keep them in a box.

After one or two hundreds years, this camera will be a beauty and a piece of history design and some of those never used cameras will appear in auctions and camera museums.

About the new design is amazing the image comparing the old SWC ( wider lens in mid format of their times ) to the "new" SWC, the 907x with the 30mm lens design, which is the 5th generation of the very first and complicated SWC lens design. The new design is close in lines but far in technology, pure design for those who love this cameras.

the X system is clearly where Hasselblad is focusing all their work, can't wait for new models.

Personally I missed some more surprises today.



Active member
well I guess the surprise is not much of a surprise. I am a superhappy owner of 907 and 30mm, love it, great system, I don't need special editions but if it helps hasselblad sell cameras I am all for it.
it really would have been a miracle if they would have pulled something revolutionary out of mid air during covid and worldwide shortages of everything.
I still hope we will see hasselblad getting back to work, improve software and work on keeping existing customers happy. not sure how they might be able to do that with H system owners but I think that ship has sailed regardless.


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I saw one of those red 501cm for sale a few years ago. It does look very pretty

They should have released a pinhole lenscap though. Less controversies :)


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Who will buy this camera to use it? Probably no body, buyers will keep them in a box.
I dunno, Pablo. I've bought three-four special edition cameras. I bought them because I liked the little difference that the special edition had, whatever it was, and the price premium wasn't overly unbearable. And then I used them because what else should a photographer do with a camera? Just like I do with my Hasselblad 907x Special Edition... :D

Leaves - Santa Clara 2020
Hasselblad 907x Special Edition + XCD 45mm f/4 P
ISO 1600 @ f/5.6 @ 1/100

A camera is a camera...