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Hasselblad 28 Sept 2021 "Beyond Classic"


The whole argument about "legacy" is pretty specious and mostly just a lot of hot air. leejo (and others) just doesn't like what Hasselblad is making. Nothing wrong with that ... go buy a Fuji if you dislike Hasselblad's products so much and don't want to buy them.
Eh I don't dislike them I just find them weird. The thing is, it's right there in large font at the top of Hasselblad's page: - "OUR LEGACY, YOUR FUTURE. With the CFV II 50C digital back and the 907X camera body, Hasselblad’s photographic history is connected in one system. Bridge the past and the present with the modernized CFV II 50C attached to a classic Hasselblad V System camera..." It's literally the first thing they promote on the product page.

And then "As a stand-alone back compatible with most V System cameras, the CFV II 50C combines with the 907X camera body to allow even more creative possibilities."

And yet they're *still* not selling it stand-alone and announce this 80 year over priced model. They're saying "hey you can have this thing!" but then releasing it in a way and pricing at a point that effectively feels like "lol! nah not really" to most V system users. I find that odd.

There's still plenty of profit in the V system for Hasselblad BTW - I sent my 203FE for service to them at the beginning of this year, the cost was close to 800.-CHF to replace a couple of small parts. They also noted on the invoice "Age issue. We can only the reduce the problem slot to small. Ok. according to our old tools".