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How about more and more fun with Canon...


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My first Canon, my first post in the Canon forums and my first shot with the M6 mk2:

Lens is a Leica Elmar-M 24 3.8 ASPH on Novoflex adapter. Shot at F/4.5 just below the M6's Diffraction Limited Aperture of F/4.6

Switching to the Walter Mandler Leica 90mm f/2 Summicron-M III ( 1990 manufacture ) - first two shots at F/2 and subsequent at F/4.5.

The 90mm files are AdobeRGB cRAW files with default processing on Capture One Pro 21 Build - just imported and exported with no values changed except conversion to the sRGB colorspace on jpeg export.

Amazing Mandler colors, uncorrected purple green fringing, but not horrible for a 41 year old design. The Canon M6 mk2 is a an image making master, despite it's tiny buttons. It's the walkabout camera I had hoped the Sigma fp was going to be. Yes, it's APS-C but with a very good dynamic range and excellent colors, it's a portable delight. The unchallenged 158.9 lines per Millimeter spatial resolution is the cherry on top. What a treat the M6 mk2 is.