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How about more and more fun with Canon...


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One more image from the Rondy snow sculptures. Temps rose into the upper 30s today, so we could see some melting happening soon.




Took a trip to New Zealand - Great trip, nice people and so so clean!! What was amazing was the dynamic of the clouds and the way the clouds matched the landscape. Most of the shots were taken on South Island - with a Cambo and IQ 180 with a 40mm Rodenstock and a 5DIII with a 24-105. These were from the 5D III. I uploaded them at 120 ppi. These I guess are sorta like calendar shots -

Anybody have any tips about uploading so they images are larger these are 120 ppi. Thanks for the help.


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My wife and I visited Angkor Wat in Cambodia during Chinese New Year, and while there we decided to have a little fun with the light and location.

Canon 5D Mk. III + Canon 24-70 f/2.8L II and Canon 85/1.2L



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Hi Shelby,

You take some great photos of your kids, no matter which camera you are using. I really like these.

Did you use any artificial light on these shots or is it all natural light? Great composition and lighting.


A few shots of the kids. 60D - 85/1.8

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:) seems like there are much more traffic in the nikon area.... All canon users switched to d800 ?
I've got a foot in both worlds (including the D800e), but I actually shoot more with my Canon 1D2 and Nikon D700. Here's one of the last shots I got of the Anchorage Fur Rondy snow sculptures....on a day when the temp was in the high 30s and they were beginning to melt. I came back the next day, hoping to get some more shots of the big melt and found that all the sculptures had been hauled away overnight. :(


Canon 1D Mark II and the 50mm f1.4 lens