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IPhone Photos


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I've started using the IOS ProCam app to drive the camera in my iPhone 14 Pro. Much better access to controls and nice layout. Image below shot as 48 MP ProRaw and processed to a jpeg in LR. We had heavy fog this morning that is still burning off and leaving some haze.

Ithaca Farmers market at Steamboat Landing on Cayuga Inlet along the waterfront trail.



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Two more shots from the walk at the farmers market.

Under the button ball tree. Cormorant trying to warm by speading its wings out after a cool foggy morning. (heavy crop)

Inside the market area. A group of women were practicing some dance moves at the far end of the market.
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Fantastic piano move!

When I was growing up, we had a wonderful baby grand that my great grandfather brought with him from Sicily in the early 1900s. It made the most beautiful sound! My mother sold it in the 1990s when it was time for her to move and no one else in the family had a place for it. I sorely miss it.

Good luck in the new residence! :D
Thanks, Godfrey,

Any size grand can have a beautiful sound. The bigger ones are mostly louder and have better deep bass notes. I've played 5' 2" pianos that made me weep, and 9' ones that just sounded like a B-52. (There was an airbase near where I grew up. F-104 Starfighters making sonic booms and B-52's going overhead like the wrath of God were common features of my childhood. Could be worse. Much later I visited a Mazda dealership near the end of the runway of the then "TOP GUN" airbase in Miramar, CA. When the F-14's took off on afterburner you could see the salesperson's mouth moving, but there was no sound other than the roar.)

Anyway, it's too bad that pianos can easily get negative value - costs more to move than they're worth. They're such amazing machines! I think the grand piano action and the mechanical leaf shutter are equally miraculous in their complexity and usefulness.



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First attempt at focus stacking with the iPhone 14 Pro. Mounted phone on a tripod using a MagSafe tripod attachment, took 4 RAW images using ProCam, exported original full size images from Photos on my Mac to LR import folder sent the 4 images as TIFFs to Zerene stacker and created composite image. Masked the image in LR and adjusted exposure of subject plant and background independently to obtain separation. I do wish for either an app or firmware update to create image stacks in-camera.



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Impressive image quality coming out of that phone Carl! I wish phones were a more user friendly experience, I might be tempted as a very convenient walkround tool and not "just" a communication center. :unsure:


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I agree Alan. Image quality gets better with each new generation, but as you noted they are not very user friendly for photography. I'm not as adept as younger folks in handling and shooting with my arthritic thumb.:(