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Leica's new APS-C Interchangeable lens camera


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Looks Like April 24th will be the day.

Our friend DoubleNegative's La Vida Leica has posted some specs and thoughts:
Leica Special Event in Berlin on April 24! | La Vida Leica!

Anyways, I figured I'd start the rumor fornication debate as follows.

1. Interchangeable lens mount: I would suspect that this camera will be and "X" camera with a new interchangeable lens mount.
2. APS-C: Widely rumored. I suspect that the camera will lack an AA filter, given the present sensor trends and desires of users
3. AF lens mount. Plus/Minus This makes using an M mount far less likely ...bummer...but let's see how fast AF is. I am presuming that the M mount could possibly be modified to permit AF, but I am doubtful, as the camera will likely be thinner than an M and using a different mount will permit Leica to sell a $500 M adapter
4. Focus peaking: Some version of this, probably the same as employed on the M
4. Built in EVF....probably similar to what Sony/Oly/Fuji are sporting now. I am hoping for this over an externally mountable EVF
5. I am guessing this will look a LOT like the X-vario, just with an interchangeable mount.
6. I wouldn't be suprised if 2 primes and 1 zoom are available at launch...Probably a 35 and 50 or 28 and 50, along with a zoom

Okay, friends, let the speculation continue forth until April 24th!


Now that is cruel Ashwin. Here I am in sell off mode, cleaning up as much of my debt (mortgage) as will allow, and you drop this revelation.

If it is as good as my X1, with an interchangeable lens, I might be very tempted. The X1 really spun me out, I picked it up as we left NZ on a 7 week sojourn of Europe. As back-up I took an M6 and Summicrons 35 and 50, but after a week the M6 slept while the X1 was used, all day, every day. Loved it, still do.
The fears of having a single and fixed lens were allayed. Sure I missed a couple of shots where I needed a tele, or some where wider than what I could walk was needed, but by and large, the X1 was perfect.
Don't tell too many, but to me (weird I know) the best thing was the there was no decision as to what lens to fit. It was already fitted, just compose and shoot.

So, this new interchangeable APS-C camera will be interesting, very. Thank you (I think) for bringing this to my attention.

Double Negative

Not Available
Thanks for the post, Ashwin. :)

What I posted - is what's coming. Not rumors. ;)

Now for a little speculation. Not sure if they're related (yet).

New Leica X (Type 113) Camera?

It could mean that the T is really that; a T. Perhaps "X like" yes. Or, it could mean that Leica is rebranding something properly (the new camera IS an X).

What I do know is that it's not a Panasonic. It is a 16MP APS-C with interchangeable lenses. It's also not an "enthusiast" camera... Which makes you wonder where exactly the X fits in, then.


Active member
Yeah, I don't get that "consumer/prosumer" vs "not an enthusiast" distinction. I think they must want to differentiate it from their M and S system as something more for casual shooters/hobbyists, but those are enthusiasts, no? Who knows. Probably intended for a different audience, and I personally will wait to see
1. What is the lens support
2. How is IQ?
3. How fast is AF?
4. What is the quality of the VF (Leica has sorely lagged here).

I have the Fuji X-T1 at the moment as my "other" system, and I don't see this release as trumping it...but time will will diversify the market for sure...

I am equally curious if Leica will release an M240-P that day....


Double Negative

Not Available
Some of that is my wording; because I don't want to say more. Basically, don't expect an advanced type of camera (e.g. a Sony A7 or Fuji X-T1 competitor)... ;)

There were initial rumblings about a 100th anniversary X. But I wouldn't count on it. This event is all about the new camera (and any associated lenses).

As for the rest... Time will tell.


Active member
As long as it's not a $3K Canon EOS-M....interesting strategy on Leica's part....I guess new markets are being targeted...

Double Negative

Not Available
Yeah, I don't think it'll be that low-end... But it IS Leica after all. :p

If I had to guess, it'll be a new X variant (or close) - which also explains recent price drops on the X Vario. Leica wouldn't hold a special event for something like a Leica C or D-LUX type camera, so it's got to be somewhat higher end. The "Leica T" might be misleading, but who knows. The internal codename is "Typhoon" and it's Type 701; the X Vario is Type 107... Could be that Korean registration is Leica going official with the real name now?


New member
Sorry, DN, but your 'rumour site' does not seem particularly well informed.

Updated March 28, 2014!

We have a bombshell update... Turns out this will NOT be a Panasonic after all!

This was publicly known over at LUF last year :deadhorse:

Double Negative

Not Available
I don't follow LUF. And "publicly known" doesn't mean "confirmed." Do they know who really makes it? We do.

I suppose LUF also knew all the other specs too, eh? ;)

Finally, it's not a "rumor site." We post rumors occasionally, yes.


New member
I don't follow LUF. And "publicly known" doesn't mean "confirmed."
Confirmed by who? Leica? Or your 'trusted' source?

Do they know who really makes it? We do.
Than please share this info. Leica CEO Alfred Schopf stated already in the autumn of 2013 that it will be German built. I see no reason not to believe him. Do you have new info?

I suppose LUF also knew all the other specs too, eh? ;)
Which specs are you talking about? Not much info on your site, besides the obvious.

Finally, it's not a "rumor site." We post rumors occasionally, yes.
If you say so. Sure don't mean to start a fight, just don't see a 'bombshell' of new info.

Double Negative

Not Available
Wow, another LUF hater crawled out from under the rocks...

Suffice it to say, I have reliable sources (who I will never reveal). What I posted is what's coming. I don't see anyone else posting specs, and I've confirmed many aspects; APS-C, 16MP, interchangeable lenses, AF, codename, cost, etc. Take it - or leave it. We'll find out in three weeks, won't we? ;)

P.S. We were the only site that knew the M-E was coming.

It's only partially "German." They have a Japanese partner making most of it - and it's not Panasonic.

As for being a "rumor site" - yes, I do say so. Check out the Rumor tag... Not much there... Unlike some sites. Like I said, we occasionally post rumors. If we have confirmed info, it's not a rumor - and we say so.



New member
No need to be rude.
I object to being called a LUF hater, and I certainly don't crawl.

This is a discussion board, you can not expect everyone to take your word for granted. Franky, all I see on your little website is half-informed messages and FUD creation. I'll stop here, like I said, I'm not looking for a fight, good luck.


Active member
Okay guys, just stop. Make posts about the upcoming Leica and quit the attacks and snide remarks. I expected better from you.


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I think my Magpie Syndrome has gone into remission. I am so delighted with my Leica R lenses working on the A7, and with the E-M1, that I haven't even bothered to look at DN's expected specs.

Ach, what's the world coming to? A fuller bank account? More photographs? ];-)



Sr. Administrator
Staff member
Double, heed Brad's advice and cool your jets. If you want to argue, take it offline. Keep it up on this forum and I'll send you to your room with a timeout.


With all of the work that Leica has been doing for the m4/3 lenses, they must have gained a lot of knowledge on how to make a compact AF lens. Would it be a stretch to think that a lot of the m4/3 designs they have done can also cover the APS-C sensor?


Active member
I can't help myself :) - we probably should let this thread lie dormant, however, I've heard the upcoming Leica T is a collaboration between Sony (gasp) and Leica. I've recently been to Asia and that's the 'whispers in the dark alleys of the sensor/semiconductor' world.

APS-C, 24 megapixels CMOS is the only part of the puzzle I might venture to add.

I take it all with a grain of salt, of course, and it will be fun to see what shows up on the 24th.


Perhaps the 'not an enthusiast camera' means it is to compete with the Nikon V series? The statement in itself doesn't imply to me the new camera is going to be above an enthusiast camera, so why not below? Which is the whole point of spoiling a nice surprise on the 24th, rather than just leave Leica to have their moment of glory (?) the race is on to say 'I told you so', so any wild idea can jockey for position. The voices in my head also say a leather half case and grip will be available, and there won't be any spare batteries available until six months after release. That may be 'stating the bleeding obvious' but it is the sort of information people need to complete the fantasy.