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M Monochrom . . . . it's not a review folks


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Awesome, Jono. Exactly what I was looking to see. Lots of shooting and not much talking ... too much of that on the LUF this morning.

Very nice photos, by the way. It looks like your visit was wonderful. I'm taking a trip to Quingdao in June to accompany my son to the university there so that he can spend the summer continuing his linguistics/Chinese education.


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Very cool. I, pathetic, dilettante photographer that I am, just traded my Nocti for one! No idea when they're available. I last used the Nocti 3-4 months ago. Only my snobbish Leica ego will miss it. Where there's a will, there's always a way to justify another photographic purchase. Great shots from China.

Cheers, Matt

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Jorgen Udvang

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Great photos, Jono, and that camera makes perfect sense. I wish I could say that I don't want one, but ever since Pete Myers' article at LL, I've wanted a b&w camera. Judging from the photos in your galleries and those at dpr, Leica has really made a Leica camera this time. It's unfortunate that it's a bit on the expensive side :(

I do have a fridge with lots of b&w goodies though, ready to be inserted into my ancient non-Leica, non-digital image makers :D
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Two words - hubba hubba! I actually think that it'll sell like hot cakes. If I had a spare $k I'd order one immediately. :D


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You mention it will be available in chrome and black. Is this true? I really want chrome but nobody else has mentioned that


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Store - :clap: well done are wasting no time.
i'd like to say i was only schmoozing, but, well, golly gee whiz :eek:

(saving my pennies, though -- lunch was two tacos at Jack in the Box for 99 cents...)


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Fantastic images, Jono, and thank you for sharing this real world perspective and fantastic images from your trip. Did Leica pay your way on that trip (I hope so), as your images will likely make their advertising catalog (or so I hope)....

I appreciate your images, and how they let the camera and the photog do the talking!

I too assumed that it'd only be available in black


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Hi-de-hi Jono,

The camera and your images both excellent of course, but ... how was Berlin ?

:poke: :ROTFL: :chug: :watch: