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Nikon Df


Active member
Well my Df has arrived and I didn't have to wait to charge the battery! (I had bought spares beforehand and had them all charged up ;) ) I carefully mounted my trusty 50mm f/1.8 and took a few test snaps of my willing subject (the youngest cat as my children and the other three cats have figured out my shenanigans). Color me impressed!

Wiggles tolerating the photographer by Carlos Echenique, on Flickr

ISO 1400 Compressed 14-bit NEF, No NR, LR 5.5 Std Sharpening, Huelight Std profile.
[As per the Shadow Proclamation of GetDPI, no photographer truly owns his/her camera until they submit a cat photo. And a shrubbery! Ni!]


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If you do not have a cat, you must hew down the mightiest tree in the forest wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiith a herring! And then photograph it! And make sure it not too backlit.



New member
Hello, I'm considering to buy the Df. Anyone bought the silver version? Is the silver coating on the plastic surface easily worn out? Thank you.