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PAW -- Picture A Week -- Have fun!


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So this came up in another forum, and while anybody can start a thread, nobody seemed to take the initiative, so here it is! I have made it a sticky, so it sits near the top; if it gets enough traction, we can easily create a dedicated "one-topic" PAW forum and move the thread thread there, but my guess it is having it as a sticky here will prove more than adequate since it's really a single topic -- UNLESS Of course you want PAW threads by user -- then we can create a dedicated forum. ANyway, let's see how it goes!!!

* Of course this thread is meant to be IMAGE centric, so any brand and digital or analog is welcome! However, it's always nice to list the gear used so folks know, and in the end, my hope is it will be a thread like this that ends up lessening/mitigating the current levels of brand-centric fan-ism :)


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Bart, great first image for the thread, and special thanks for kicking it off!!!

C'mon folks, let's see yours!!!


The Monochrome Bug
(Inspired by the Leica MM)

Panasonic GX1, Lumix 20/1.7, Various stages of various monochrome imagers


Jordan Spieth walking up the 9th fairway during the BMW Championship Pro-Am on Wednesday with a special caddie for the day.



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What's the rule, can everybody post one image per week, or more? Does it have to be taken the week you post it? Or is it more free form?

Here's my kick-off roar:

Sony A6000 + OM Zuiko 24/2.8

Guy Mancuso

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Post as often as you like. The idea here is to get you to do maybe at least 1 per week to work on. Thanks Jack i was going to call you on this. Instead I'm attacking my VC15 lens hood with a Dremel. Im mad I tell ya!!!!. Ill post in this thread later today but lets get the show on the road folks.


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This is an "oldie" from quite a few weeks ago ...

sorry for the size

I do love that image . Are you sure , that you shot that image a few weeks ago ?
I use it as a background image on my MAC BOOK PRO since some years .


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I do love that image . Are you sure , that you shot that image a few weeks ago ?
I use it as a background image on my MAC BOOK PRO since some years .
Dear Jürgen, that's way too much honour !
But it makes me feel embarrassingly flattered ... :grin:

The image is actually from March 2010 (see EXIF), shot at the former NDSM shipyard in Amsterdam.

Kind regards.