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PAW -- Picture A Week -- Have fun!


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Preparing for social distancing at theatre Olt Rivierenhof in Antwerp

A7ii + Super Tak 150/4, LR stitch of 7 portrait oriented photos


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Way back machine ... Wandering the streets of Dublin, Ireland in 2008:

Panasonic L1 + Summilux-D 25mm f/1.4 ASPH
ISO 100 @ f/5 @ 1/250

Enjoy! G


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Drinking from these wine glasses make you think quickly that you're drunk already after a few sips

Sony A6000 + E18-105/4 G


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In reviewing some old photo's in my library I came acros three that I had taken from the Eiffel tower in Paris when we spent a weekend there with the family in 2006. They were never intended to be used as a panorama but I noticed they were taken from about the same spot at the widest zoom setting so I tried to stitch them in a Panorama in Lightroom and this is the result:

KM5D + Tamron 28-200XR, click for larger

Note the shadow of the tower pointing to Sacre Coeur :)


Staff member
From yesterdays shoot.

Stunning capture Dan! Could you please remove the Photobucket branding from your image. It really destroys viewing experience and breaks our rules in regards to advertising the photobucket brand.

P.S. Please publish it as well in the Members' Exhibition section - Architecture.