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Putting Faces to Names - (i.e. the Selfie thread)


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Over the years, I have had the great pleasure to meet and befriend many GetDPI members. Actually, it's truly been an honor to turn virtual relationships into real ones in the real world. That being said, I have greatly valued the many online friendships that I have developed with you here. In many instances, we have shared images of ourselves, but in most cases, we are behind the RF rather than in front....

SO in the spirit of gettin' to know ya better, I figured that we could share our mugshots,portraits, selfies, what have you....

Any bites? I'll start it off, and great to see you in advance!



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Re: Putting Faces to Names :toocool:

I'll have to search around for something with any artistic merit, but the only thing that I have handy is my avatar blown up. Ugh, I never planned on showing it larger than avatar size, so I probably should have retouched it or something. :eek:



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Posing with one of my favorite subjects......Alaska Railroad Engine No 1802.

This locomotive is currently being dismantled for salvage and scrap. :(




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I get a hair cut once a year, so besides the long haired version in my avatar pic, I have this summer version :)

Does the cartoon character on my t-shirt ring any bell?


Maybe it's premature to put a face to the name since you all scarcely know my name... :)

Taken by Jamie with her V-Lux 40. She has become addicted to its 24-480mm zoom and is willing to put up with the jpeg artifacts.


f 10

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nice idea

You recognize me because I trigger with the thumb :D

f 1,0 @ f1,0 | M8 | 50mm | ISO 1250 | 1/90

Nice to meet you all.

Douglas, many people know me as wentbackward! But Paul is fine too. Nice to meet you and thanks for the complement!

Erik your daughter needs to face up to it and give up the cell phone.

Hosermage, I wanted to ask, who is Nadia, then I realised it must be Aidan!! hehe

Gilpen, is there an active Leica community in PH? I travel down to Clark once or twice a month.


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Vicky the Viking :thumbup:
Nice Knorp, it seems my American friends aren't familiar with it, the last time it was recognized was by a German girl. It's funny cuz I used to watch it a lot growing up in Taiwan.

Hosermage, I wanted to ask, who is Nadia, then I realised it must be Aidan!! hehe
Good catch, Paul. We sort of planned to name our daughter just that, if she ever come, but we chickened out, not on the name, but on the idea of having another kid :D


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I am hoping Jono posts--I really can't believe he is the front man for the Spiders from Mars...