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Putting Faces to Names - (i.e. the Selfie thread)


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Dave, he's our adopted child of course! I'm kidding, he's just a pea replacement xD I gave Pat the original third pea to keep him company while we're apart, so I use the penguin as a placeholder ;) hold that spot until pea #3 and Patrick come back!


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Great shots, Hillary and Patrick. Great to see you both back here. Hillary (or Patrick, since you took the shot), what lens was used for the last pic of Hillary, in BW? I love the BW rendering of that one....hope all's well up north, as it seems that studies have gotten you both to be quite busy.


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New look Ashwin....see anything different between the pics? ;)

Old look Ashwin, new glass (well old glass really, lens here is Jupiter 9 85 mm f/2- an old Sonnar's nice to have a 85 sonnar again, though this one isn't as sharp as my old one lol)

One more...pardon the XE-1...


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holy ashwin... those XE-1 shots are so sharp! The lens used was a Canon 35mm f2 :) Mine had a bit of a coating issue so I had to stop it down to f4... super sharp!

scott kirkpatrick

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Two of us have been posting here and in the M43 threads lately. The M9 world seems more ego-centric, so I'll post both of us here. First me, picture by daughter Yael with the Olympus E-PL5 w 45/1.8:

then Yael ("Luli") taken with M9, 28 Summicron, f/5.6:

I posted a picture of her (in the M43 forum) on a winter night with what Jono Slack quickly identified as the "Oh no, not again!" expression on her face. This time she is relaxing in a grass hut just completed by her and three littler kids under her firm direction.



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. . . . . not quite a selfie.

Another guest at a friends house on Christmas Day who had not used a rangefinder asked if she could take a photograph with my camera. Not bad . . . . .

Taken with a M6TTL/50 Lux ASPH/HP5, but did use Photoshop and NIK software. ;)


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Oh well what the heck - an accidental 'selfie '..

Me on the top left making a photo of a custom bike from where I was sitting and my wife waving to her sister who was about to join us.

Cheers everyone :salute: