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Rollei 6008 with P20 back sample


Just for fun I thought I would post an image from a set that I am working on with my Rollei/P20 setup. I'm using the 80mm AF lens with a 9mm extension tube fitted. I am very impressed with the sharpness of the lens. The shot was taken at either f/16 or f/22 (unfortunately the Rollei P20 combo doesn't record any camera settings other than iso in the exif) I am using C1 to process the files with sharpening set to 25 and 2 (or very close to default) with noise reduction set as low as possible. I develop at 120%.

The series will be called 'Opportunity'.

Here's a full frame reduced to 1000px

And here's a 100% crop.


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one of my students bought the same very camera and keeps wining about image quality. i sent him a link :)


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Very nice image, and of course the level of detail is stunning! I really like the silver-black treatment on the hands --- Thanks for sharing these!


Graham I should say thanks to you because it was seeing your images you posted with the Rollei on FM that made me start looking at the system. It took me a little while to make the change over to MF and to Rollei, plus I had a warped focusing screen which I had to resolve, but now I'm really liking the camera. I should also thank Son since he made me a nice deal on the rollei dbP20.

Irakly, I have read a lot of posts about how the digital bundle did not auto focus correctly and, Bill Maxwell who made my screen, says he's had to make quite a few for customers with warped OEM screens (for the 6008 AF only). As I wrote above, mine was warped too. So there were two known problems with the digital bundle, the AF and the screen. My autofocus is not accurate (off by 6 to 8 inches at 6 feet) and I couldn't MF accurately until I got the new screen. I hated the camera until I got those things resolved. But I admit there was some learning curve to the camera as well. Now I can say, it does make some really great images. I wish I could afford to buy a couple more of the more highly regarded lenses for this system like the 90 macro, and the 110mm f/2.0 and 180 f/2.8 but I sure have been impressed with the 80mm AF lens. It's every bit as sharp as my leica 100 apo macro, maybe sharper? Right now I'm also enjoying the square format, too.



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I am the same as you, Graham was the person that got me looking into the Rollei system and once I am in I got a few more friends to join me. Right now we are knee high with our Rollei system in gear wise and in excitement. It took a little more time to learn how to shoot this system and once you figured it out the system render beautiful images like the one you posted here. Congratulation Eric!