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S Is For Show Us Your S2 Shots


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I thought it'd be fun to start a Leica S2 image thread here in the Leica section. It's hard to find a thread of S images on the web (I know the S2 user base is still small) ... this might even be the first.

I'd like this to be an image thread, if possible, versus the technical forensics and price ticket shock comments that go on in other S2 threads. Hopefully, it'll provide a venue for those who have taken the S2 plunge to have no fear of posting images before they shrink into the shadows never to be heard from again. ;)
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To demonstrate the outright disregard I have for making a good impression with high ticket, big sensor systems ... and of course, my general irreverent nature, I thought that I'd lead off with the bane of all image threads ... a pet photo.



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I agree with the others. Looking forward to this thread, and great photo to get things started!


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Count me in, as an admirer at least. Won't be getting and S2 anytime soon, but I certainly am looking forward to seeing the image here. :thumbup:


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Woweee! Congrats, Kurt. I am looking forward to your images. I say that with a bit of trepidation, as your wonderful Noctilux shots put me into the buyer's column for that lens (by the way, I doubt I'd ever sell it)....I can't afford an S2 so I'll have to live vicariously through you.

Enjoy the ride in your new wheels, Kurt!


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Great idea. Did I get it right that you took the plunge and got the S2 (I remember you were thinking about this)? Nice dog as well.


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Lovely film-like quality to that image ceh, and boatloads of DR. Well exposed and composed as well. I'm completely green with envy!


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Kurt, ceh: Lovely images.
By the way Kurt, let me tell you that your name means "wolf" in my language. So your first post seems very apt:)

Guy Mancuso

Administrator, Instructor
It's actually one of the better ones if I do say myself. Okay blushing. LOL

Little dated now since firmware and LR have improved for it. Actually it was a year ago


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Great idea for a thread Kurt! No doubt it's going to have many of us scraping the bottom of our piggy banks for all the loose change we can gather up to put towards a S2 body. For myself it will take that plus winning the lottery!

Looking at these and other S2 images, especialy the actual full rez file, certainly demonstrates a look and characteristics to an image that's different than what we normally see coming from most full frame 35mm sized digital imagers.

Looking forward to seeing more.

Dave (D&A)


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Here is a shot of my lovely wife Juliana, taken with the S2 and 120mm APO-Macro (in the parking lot outside our store). Hand-held, wide-open at f/2.5. Autofocused on eyeball and recomposed.

Sorry.... I actually don't have any S2 shots of my dog Scottie. :(

Kurt, can't wait to see more shots as you get into the groove with your new S2. :thumbup: