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Sanity check...

Don Libby

Well-known member
I'm thinking of using a small LCD monitor connected to something like a Connex HD Mini Video downlink connected to my GFX in order to observe what the camera is recording from at least 100-yards.

The camera will be attached to a wireless remote pan and tilt so seeing what the camera sees will be helpful.

The plan is to drive the system into a herd of wildlife and record the action then drive it back using a remote vehicle. The vehicle has a 10-pound capacity so weight should not be a issue.

On paper this sounds like it would work - it also sounds bat s^&t crazy as hell but also fun.

Share why this will either work or be an epic failure.....

Don Libby

Well-known member
I found what I believe will be the perfect vehicle an Eclipse Rover. The best way to describe the rover is by comparing it to a drone but for ground work. 4-wheel drive, large platform that you can attach a remote tilt/pan gimbal. The downside is that there are 2-seperate controllers, one for the rover the other for the tilt/pan. The vehicle weighs about 12 pounds and can carry up to 10 pounds. It also has a high ground clearance which should make it better for the field.

I plan on starting light with a GoPro and external battery before moving up to the GFX.

The rover has a range of between 300-500 feet line of sight and more than one hour for movements.

The plan as I see it is to drive out to a field of wildlife and stop. The GoPro is easier to control from an app on my phone; I can change between video and photo. I plan on using the GFX 50R and a wide angle lens; either a 17mm or the 23. The GFX will not be tethered so the only thing I'll be able to do is shoot video beginning as I start out and continue until I return it. I could do it blind however I'd rather be able to see what the camera is seeing adjusting it with the tile/pan as needed.

Final process will be in Adobe either as a finish video or capture a frame or 2.

It sounds like it should work. Oh and I almost forgot. I plan to build a small rollcage to protect the camera from large feet and will camouflage it either with a net or inside a fake rock.

So, welcome inside my head. The work begins this weekend and I'll be taking small steps towards our next visit to Jackson Hole. I have access to a working ranch and will try this with a herd of cattle where it will either go great or horribly wrong.

Stay tuned :watch:


Well-known member
Crikey ! Next step you may take it to Mars ! What an insane idea ... :grin:

Don, good luck with your enterprise and keep us posted please ... :thumbs:

Don Libby

Well-known member
Thanks everyone!

I forgot to mention that the components of the rover are water resistant which means I'm also looking for a small pond to explore.

I'll add a photo later this weekend of what this gizmo looks like.


Well-known member
Sounds like a thoroughly insane and amusing endeavor, Don! :D

I look forward to seeing how it plays out.



Active member
Photographing wildlife with a remote vehicle is a known approach. With a remote vehicle, you can pan with the vehicle, tilt should be enough. Depending on subjects, be prepared for the camera to be destroyed, though. Hyenas are known to 'eat' cameras (actually rather split it into several pieces).

One example:


Well-known member
Amazing concept and can't wait to see how it pans (no pun intended) out. I have a very old 4 wheeler Remote Control truck from decades past. Now you got me thinking. Of course if anything untold happens to your endeavor/camera (and I hope it doesn't), it will quickly bring me down to earth and allow me ti recover my sanity.

Looking forward to your initial pics of the rover, all set up. Don as this is as exciting as a Space X launch. :).

Dave (D&A)
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C’mon guys, be a little adventurous, think of the journey !
You can always watch a wildlife documentary ...
Sure it's fun to watch and read about Don's exploits here on GetDPI, but it's me that he's gonna call for bail money. :ROTFL: