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Share your Tree Photos


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An IR image from Saturday's hike with the Natuurfotografen Dijleland in Houwaart, Belgien, in a forest called "Walenbos"
Again we had to face extremely muddy pathways, grey skies and an almost inpenetrable woodland/wetland/badland ...
During a very short burst of sunlight, I was happy to be able to shoot this lonely tree that had already some leafs to reflect the IR light from the sun ...

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Pinus nigra (Austrian black pine). The "Sesselbäume" near Ternitz, Austria. Why somebody nailed a meaningless plaque saying "natural monument" directly into the bark is beyond me. This unusual growth form was created by human hands - the trees likely served as pasture fences when they were young (the branches of neighbouring trees were tied together and thus deformed).