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Sony A7/A7r with old lenses


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When Sony announced the new A7C, I was intrigued. What's not to like about a full frame camera this compact? It had its shortcomings of course, but I think many have been addressed with the A7C II, and the A7Cr is an impressive box. So, with my M11 back in Germany ever since getting doused on the Oregon Coast in November, I figured what the heck! I ordered the A7Cr yesterday. It arrived today, as did the email from Allstate telling me my repaired M11 is on its way back to me. See, that's why you buy an umbrella. Anyway, here is the A7Cr sporting the TechArt Pro adapter and a Light Lens Lab Speed Panchro II in all brass. It's a nice combo. What's not to love? All the compactness of a 60mpx rangefinder and all the joy of those Sony menus! ;) I would call this the Poor Man's M12.
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