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Sony A7/A7r with old lenses


Well-known member
I haven't found a better lomo lens yet as this enlarger lens when used wide open

Old boat


You can even panorama stitch Lomo style images

LR Panorama from 3 handheld landscape oriented photo's + a bit of over the top PP to give it a vintage look

All A7ii + Wollensak Enlarging Pro Raptar 4 1/2" = 114 mm f5.6


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Not particularly "old" depending on your definition, but certainly not modern either. A re-worked image taken in 2016 with a Sony A6300 and Contax N 24-85 in a Fringer CN-SE AF adapter. I no longer have the camera, but the lens is still working for me on other cameras and the bench in the image (brand new when I took the shot) is still there but now weathered and gray.

very picturesque ...where is this place