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Very early impressions...Z6


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Since Sony was not prepared to let me handle the camera in the field, so to speak, and no replace policy;
I bought myself a Nikon Z6 bundle plus the 50/1.8S.

Seems like meeting a friend after a few years! We both have changed. But yet deep down we are the same.

It is a Nikon, in the grand scheme of things. Why not the Z7? It will happen with the Z7 II.

My first MLC Is the Fuji X system. So I might be finding the changeover slightly awkward. But nothing too deep.

These are my opinions only. They may not matter to others, but make my shooting less fluid.

Nikon have to bring firmware upgrades fast, to make it competitive.
CFExpress support does not do it for me.

I have updated to the latest firmware.

I have only played with shooting setup. And not explored all the possibilities yet, so take these with big lumps of salt. I might be stupidly missing something and/or not understanding the proper setup. Blame me!

Blinkies! Where are they, when I need them the most, selectable of course, during shooting?

Where is my RGB histogram?

Cannot center focus point with joystick immediately. Pressing OK button removers a very important zoom in facility, for me, during shooting.

I have found a roundabout way, on the tube, to close down the aperture to actual shooting aperture, rather than F5.6. This is critical for me while shooting landscapes and zoom around to check infocus areas.

The delay timer! Same rubbish as the Fuji. Camera should be on all the time to keep it functional!

How to I backup my xqd card easily in the field to a portable ssd drive, without a intermediate iPad,laptop etc.
Many options available for ssd cards to just insert and backup.

I find the ejection of the memory card a little fidgety.

Menus...mostly familiar...very refined.
I am ok with the battery life so far. Not what I read on the net! Of course, the Df runs it to the ground!
The 2 function buttons between the lens and grip, excellent placement for my fingers.

Lock position of 24-70S..good for travel packing.

Did I mention, it feels good in the hands! Looks functional, no nonsense too.

p.s. I ain’t leaving my XP2 and X-T3. With the wr 16, 23/2 and 50/2...a brilliant light weight go anywhere kit!
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Swissblad, pegelli..thank you.

Swissblad, I shall be visiting SE Asia in late January. As good a place for me to subject the z6 to heat, rain,humidity, maybe salt spray at the beach, and of course condensation moving in/out from hot/cold.

And mosquitos!

Till then I shall just photograph around the house and familiarize myself with the z6.

Thanks for the comment.
Best and a glorious new year to all.


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By blinkie are you referring to focus peaking?

It’s a bit buried on the Z series.

Fuji fixed the self timer and power off with the GFX100 I agree it should be a simple thing to implement on the Z.

Paul C


By blinkie are you referring to focus peaking?

It’s a bit buried on the Z series.

Fuji fixed the self timer and power off with the GFX100 I agree it should be a simple thing to implement on the Z.

Paul C
Blinkies are typically referring to blinking highlights, showing parts that may be overexposed.
One can see blinkies and RGB histogram in image review (see page 124 of the reference manual).

One common pitfall of Z cameras is that there are two ways to change exposure: one resets itself the other one doesn't.


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Paul, SrMphoto...thanks for your responses.

Indeed blinkies refer to overexposed areas of an image. While they are indeed available during playback; I wish the blinkies and RGB histogram were available during image capture.
Zebras during video are a different matter.

Take care and a happy new year 2020.


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24-70 + 50: That is a good lens combo for traveling. Have fun with it. I just love my z7. The most versatile camera I ever had.


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Jack, pics shall be forthcoming.

I take an image, if Ayesha and/or her friends like
their pictures...that is a good camera. Else, money wasted!

I don’t do sniff tests or ‘ blow ‘ tests on camera bodies.
Reserve those for pulmo and medical labs.

Very secondary in importance comes the weight test
In this household. Can the users lift the camera and lens

Even further down is can the picture be posted on
social media?

Not forgetting the brand. Is it primarily a camera or
Lens maker? Or does it’s fame rest on Walkman or such?

How good is the ‘ P ‘ button?
Menus? At a restaurant?

Since Ayesha paid for the camera, and it meets
her is a superb product.

‘ Rayyan, here is some money for extra memory card
and...ok for a battery also ‘.

‘ You know, Rayyan, Sara and her friends loved
the pics the camera took ‘

Nothing more to be said.


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congrats on your new camera (system). The Z6 and lenses are currently very cheap, also in Austria and I am tempted again and again to jump into the Nikon Z system. So far I could resist ;)

Anyway have much fun and I do appreciate your initial thoughts on getting back to Nikon after many years of shooting different mirrorless cameras.

I am currently in the phase of really loving the X-Pro3 (did not buy it yet) as I most probably will stop further investments into m43 since I do not see much future for me there. But the Z system could be a viable alternative to getting back into Fuji X system. So your honest thoughts as a veteran Nikon shooter (like myself) are very valuable for me

We will see .... looking forward to some images ....


I bought the Z6 several months ago. Dipping a toe in the water so to speak. I am starting to love it! The view finder/screen has a little bit of lag making it harder to use for action compared to the D850 but when getting used to it is usable. Battery life is horrible compared to the D850 but still better than MF and getting some extra batteries is no biggie.

I find the image quality of the lenses (combination of sensor and lenses probably) phenomenal! Pleasantly surprised of the results afterwards every time I have used the Z6.

I am still fiddling with AF sometimes. Face detect/Eye detect works often but when scenes get crowded with a lot of heads/eyes the af tends to get confused.

Pity Nikon hasn't produces a 70-200/4.0 sofar...

I am now far beyond just having my toes in the water, I guess I have plunged in way deeper than initially anticipated. The D850 has not seen much use lately..


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Lens quality of the kit 24-70mm is wonderful. The 50/1.8S is super.

AE bracketing with a single touch! One has to set up by accessing 2 different menu items. I have them now in the U1 menu which holds my landscape setup.

I am coming to grips with this Z6 of mine. While I can get it to do most what I want, With custom functions, U! and the iMenu...there is a slight delay, for me, for spontaneous shooting. I however seem to to shoot much more fluid when I don't use all the menus.

I have not touched video yet, except to zoom to evaluate Dof. The camera focuses at the aperture selected in movie mode and DOF can be evaluated but not for stills. Not ideal at all.
Assigned F1 to dof, but this requires a 2 finger press...:wtf:

The trip is near..and I have not yet decided to take the Z6 or my Fuji setup. I need a tele. And the use of the FTZ is just a kludge, imho..say what others might.
CF and face/eye is lovely, for what I use it for.

But the EVF and the LCD..gorgeous; a pleasure to shoot with.
Again, on a very personal level, the strap lugs bother me when I have the PD connectors installed. I shall remove them and the Nikon D ring.

Movie button is not used by me, and I have assigned it to another function.

So far, small niggles, but definitely no regrets. ( I need to get a remote shutter release..a bummer that that there is no countdown timer for the T or B shutter choice ).


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Well my "kit" arrived. Totally DOA. Nothing, nada, zip. Charger won't light up, cam won't activate. Even with cam on USB, nada. Screw this, I am done.




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Well I have played with the Z6 for some
time now.

Right now, I have just finished packing.

The Z6, 24-70 F4 S, the 50/1.8S and
the venerable 70-300 af-p.. with the
FTZ adapter. Leaving the 18-35 behind.

I have taken hundreds of shots of windows
trees, anything around the house and it’s

I was originally heading to Batangas, Philippines
but the Taal lake volacanic eruption n earthquakes
I changed my destination to Negros Oriental in the
Same country. The next few days I shall fly to
Cebu. And rent car to drive around the island.

The only thing reserved is the flight to Manila.
The rest, I shall see.

p.s Ayesha is heading off to Mt. Kenya and then
Visit Ethiopia. The XT3 goes with her.