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Hi Andy,

I saw that you're after a center filter IVa for the Super-Angulon XL 90mm. There is one in Australia on an eBay auction ending in less than 24 hours. I only know the fellow from Facebook, have never met him, but he seems very decent.


Hey JohnL,

Based on the responses to this post I'm assuming you ended up purchasing the lens:

I'm sending you this message in the off chance you are interested in selling it.

Let me know.

Hello, if the lens is still available, would you be interested in considering reasonable offers? I understand, however, if you prefer to wait to see if will get your asking price. I have excellent feedback as a buyer and seller on eBay, and I purchased my Cambo WRS 1600 from a member of this forum. Thanks
You meant FoV, not focal length, right?
Good catch, exactly what I said but the other way around. i am probably lyxdesic. (Actually, I know I am.)
I know that you know it correctly, so it had to be a slip and there was no point being pedantic in the public thread.
Thank you. I do appreciate you reaching out.
Not sure if you are the right person.. but I got some porn spam on my email... as well as a supposed seller (kenw1665) that is certainly a spam person too.
Can we eliminate the porn person from our roll call? Ferin772
I wish you great success with your sale. I have had a very similar camera for sale on consignment at a lower price through a dealer since well before the 100S came out. It has not moved in all that time. I very much hope you are successful, but I fear your price is optimistic.


Thank you very much Matt! It took me a while to be able to write back. The format is new for me :)
I really appreciate your comment.
Hi Gary,
Just saw your photos of the remains of a gold mine in Alaska.
I have written a book on the history of money which has chapters on the Gold Rushes and gold mines and mining.
There are over 4000 images in the book.
All the best,
Paul Tawrell
Thanks for the note Paul, 384 pages….wow! I’ll have a look at it!

I see you own a Gilde 66-17 Super 3d. Your images are impressive.

Would you be willing to share your experiences with your Gilde 66-17 Super 3D?

Thank you,
Hi Peterm1,

I might have an interested. Where in the US do you live. I do not need exact address just an general ;location because if we can work something out I would like to try it. I currently own one of these backs and this would be a backup.

Hi Bob, I have sold all of my Phase One gear but thanks for asking!
Hi, is the eizo CG monitor still for sale?
It is. If you are local, you are welcome to come check it out.
NEW reduced price $6,000. Rodenstock 32mm f4 HR short barrel with ALPA mount included

pls send me invoice for alpa hr paypal:[email protected]
Jerry Reed
Where are you located? I am interested in your offer, and shipping to CONUS.
You can ship to my US address.My US address is DE 19805.
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