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Thread: Cutting to the chase. 23HR/STC, or 24TS-E/HCam?

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    Re: Cutting to the chase. 23HR/STC, or 24TS-E/HCam?

    There is something else:

    the Canon is f3,5 the Rodenstock is f5,6. Even without using a centerfilter that´s MUCH brighter and more exact to focus (especially for wideangle at infinity !).

    The "better" result at higher openings of the Rodie is relative as if you use a centerfilter they are on par again but with better depth of field for the canon.........

    and finally the speed of usage: as I guess most people use their Rodenstock or Schneider lenses still on mech. shutters, the steps to go to shoot are plenty, the HCam just takes slide and shoot (Shutter closes automatically, lens steps down automatically - exposure).

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    Re: Cutting to the chase. 23HR/STC, or 24TS-E/HCam?

    Focusing wise, the larger aperture of the Canon isn't advantageous with live view. It's useful if you're using ground glass of course, but I find it much easier and quicker to set the focus distance on the lens, shoot, review and adjust if necessary.

    (for the comparative test I did yesterday, just setting both lenses on infinity was sufficient)

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