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Thread: Would like to upgrade, which MDB?

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    Re: Would like to upgrade, which MDB?

    Hello Jono,

    I asked myself a great many times why I got into medium format and keep sticking with it. The Alpha 900 that I use most of the times delivers great results yet if I want to get that special picture I take out the ZD. It is a joy when the 'perfect' shot comes together with perfect quality and that pleasure of taking pictures manifests itself back in the look of the photos...
    The Pentax is very interesting indeed and if I hadn't bought into the Mamiya system already it would stand very high on my list, quite near those Leaf backs :-)


    Quote Originally Posted by jonoslack View Post
    Hi Fabian
    Well, I was trying to be a little wicked really. But I quite agree, I can't get on with Nikon cameras - nasty yellows and big, compromised lenses . . . but I guess that's just my prejudice. The Pentax might be interesting though?

    The photographic world seems to me to be changing faster by the month, and shelling out lots of money on MF right now seems rash, to say the least.

    I just see 10s of thousands of dollars going on digital MF camera systems here, and although I fully except that they are, without question, the dog's bollocks . . and if you REALLY need what they have to offer . . . . I once took out my credit card to pay for a ZD, but never quite got there. These days, 30" prints from my M9 are fine, the camera is 'affordable', and the lenses are almost an investment

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    Re: Would like to upgrade, which MDB?

    Hello Yair,

    It would be immensly helpful if you could help me access some raw files of the Aptus II7 and the Aptus 75 back. These are my preferred choices at present, reading and digesting all the info that was provided in this thread. The Aptus 75 is the preference because of it's attractive price point.

    Greetings, Fabian

    Quote Originally Posted by yaya View Post
    I think that you will find that any of the Leaf backs you've mentioned will run circles around your ZD when it comes to functionality and image quality

    Specifically for landscape, the histogram and average + spot meter facilities on the Aptus, IMO, are the best on any camera. The large screen, while using a relatively low resolution LCD, is very accurate for judging focus since it creates the 100% preview directly out of the RAW data with/without sharpening applied, depending on how you set it.

    The onboard operating system and the stylus allows us to implement many advanced functionality such as IPTC & copyright input, focal length input (for mechanical lenses) etc.

    On the Aptus-II and the DM models you'll enjoy the improved GUI (search for Leaf GUI on YouTube there's a clip that I created about a year ago) and if you can stretch to buying new or refurb you'll also get factory warranty

    Worth noting that all Aptus models are limited to 32 sec max exposure time. The new Credo can do longer than that

    Please let me know if you'd like to see some RAW files and if you need any help worth finding a dealer

    BR, yair

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