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Thread: Phase One PPE News: 3 Lens Updates, XF Body FW Update

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    HELP Upgrade failed Looking for assistance today in NY !

    I'm in NY for a shooting, especially traveling from Belgium. When I did the firmware upgrade (XF and IQ380), my IQ 380 now gives me black frame. So a possible shutter problem ? I'm in a desperate situation as it's an expensive trip.
    I would have better not to upgrade and wait. I tried everything, factory reset, factory default, restore firmware... Anyone could help me ?
    I would suggest to carefully think before upgrading, if you really need the new features. For my case it's a financial disaster. Anyone with an IQ 380 or 360 or 280/260 / XF or DF+ (or whatever system provided it works flawlessly) that would be in NY, and would be willing to rent me the body/back, can join me for a free helicopter ride above manhattan tomorrow 8-10am.
    If anyone could provide support on how to fix the issue, let me know. After the upgrade, the XF body performed a strange noise, such as an "electronic/electrical noise". The 380 back is draining batteries fast and the back heats up quickly.
    <<help>> ! My cell: (347) 466-8222

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    Re: Phase One PPE News: 3 Lens Updates, XF Body FW Update

    See Bill's post above-----noting how they resolved his difficulties. (Remove everything on reset)

    There should be someone around to help in NY....

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