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Another Phase One countdown on their website. What now?

"How far will a photographer go to live out their passion for photography?"

are they about to announce new upgrade pricing ?



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They are going to announce the software that will permit my Hasselblad camera to function with their 4150


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It's a drone alright, but a manned drone with built-in XT and gyro-stabilizer! It's true, I know, I live in Denmark :grin:


We need to be realistic about this. I believe they have changed the colour of a button in the HDR tool in Capture One. That means this will undoubtedly be a major upgrade to version 21 - with such a major change to functionality it could be nothing else but a major...paid...upgrade.


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The background image looks to be taken in Al Ula in Saudi Arabia.

So I'm guessing the answer to the question they pose is 5,085km (from Copenhagen).

(At the beginning of this month there was a 120km equestrian endurance event held at Al Ula. I may or may not know the individual who won the race. My guess is that what is to be revealed ties in directly into this.)

Craig Stocks

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It's a little sad but very revealing how cynical this group has become about Phase One's ability to deliver something of interest or value. A year ago we would have shared a collective enthusiasm for something new and exciting. Today we scoff at the idea. I hope Phase One is paying attention to the attitudes of their (former?) customers, and I hope even more that they take it to heart.