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Fun with MF Achromatic Digital Backs


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A continuation from my August road trip through Alberta, Canada.

IQ3 100 Achromatic
70mm Alpagon / IR filter
Two image stitch.


Actual stitch was wider, but after a few weeks of looking at the print on a 24x40 roll cut sheet, I'm favouring a less wide version that will be more suitable for 17x22 sheet size.


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as jeff asked for some gear porn, here it is.
Contax 645 with 35mm distagon and the achromatic+
I use a RRS L bracket which actually is for the mamiya 645, it fits the C645 just nicly as well, though it blocks the lower ports.
There is also an RRS L bracket for the C645 but only in conjunction with the battery grip, which i dont have anymore. it got destroyed when my tripod fell("kicked") over. horrible moment.

Since i use this camera only on the tripod i also dont use the strap.

Of course the achromatic+ is the crown jewel of this setup, for the contax mount it must be one of the rarest phase one backs



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infrared image of the basel-land area. you can spot the roche towers in the far.
we had some snow the past few days and since we had beautiful weather today i went to the chateau du landscron.
I regreted it though, as i had my appendix removed on tuesday and went up really really slow. but it did hurt nonetheless after the trip.

Contax 645 + 35mm distagon and achromatic+ with Haida 720 IR filter