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Fun with MF images 2021


Well-known member
Walk along the south end of Cayuga Lake on the day before the big centennial celebration in Stewart Park tomorrow.

Three shot pano looking north on Cayuga Lake from Stewart Park

Two groups of "swingers"

Artist practicing her dance moves for tomorrow's performance at the centennial celebration

Escape route

All with the GFX 100s and GF 32-64


Well-known member
From the Fourth of July weekend in Minnesota. Still marinating on these edits.. these may change.. :unsure:;)

All with the GFX 100S

100-200 @200mm f/16

Same scene, zoomed out with the 32-64 @ 32mm f/16

32-64 @ 32mm f/14

These darn pier shots are a lot harder than they look.. the alignment is a pain. I have a whole new level of respect for those who can do these well..

32-63 @ 33mm f/22


Ed Hurst

Well-known member
Apologies for the large number of images in this specific post, but just to give a flavour of the action involved... Note how the clothing gets progressively wetter!

_IMG5472_Step1OriginalARGB_FromTIFFs by Ed Hurst, on Flickr
_IMG5473_Step1OriginalARGB_FromTIFFs by Ed Hurst, on Flickr
_IMG5478_Step3Flat_FromTIFFs by Ed Hurst, on Flickr
_IMG5480_Step3FlatCrop_FromTIFFs by Ed Hurst, on Flickr
_IMG5487_Step1OriginalARGB_FromTIFFs by Ed Hurst, on Flickr
_IMG5491_Step3Flat_FromTIFFs by Ed Hurst, on Flickr
_IMG5497_Step1OriginalARGB_FromTIFFs by Ed Hurst, on Flickr
_IMG5500_Step1OriginalARGB_FromTIFFs by Ed Hurst, on Flickr
_IMG5505_Step1OriginalARGB_FromTIFFs by Ed Hurst, on Flickr
_IMG5507_Step1OriginalARGB_FromTIFFs by Ed Hurst, on Flickr

Joe Colson

Well-known member
Recent photoshoot for a steel fabrication client. During this photo session I took various pictures with the 23mm, 32-64mm, 110mm, and 120mm macro. These three images ended out being my favorites. All of them are taken with the 120mm on the Fuji GFX 100s.

View attachment 186450View attachment 186451View attachment 186452
Warren, I love these shots. The compositions, tones, lighting, subject detail, and background blur/bokeh are all very pleasing. Congratulations!

I need to take a lesson from you on b&w conversion.