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Fun with MF images 2021

Craig Stocks

Well-known member
I've shared other photos of the Orion Nebula pictured here but this is the first taken with the XF/IQ4150 attached to my Takahashi telescope. The basic photo is stitched from two frames and then cropped. Most of the red ionized hydrogen gas in the surrounding area was photographed separately with a monochrome astronomy camera using a hydrogen-alpha filter. This is a target I keep returning to as I try to find the perfect balance between what we can see with our eyes and what the camera can see.

It took a bit of doing to get the XF attached. I ended up using a Takahashi Pentax 67 adapter and then a Pentax 67 to Mamiya adapter. I do get a little vignetting but it is corrected using a LCC in Capture One.

Orion 8 OSC Unfiltered Pano + Starless Ha IQ4 150MP-P0015156-Feb 11 2021-C1-20.jpg


P. Chong

Well-known member
A quick walkabout the Amoy Street area in Singapore on this second day of this new Chinese Year of the Ox.

One of the Chinese Temples in the area. These were the first settlements of the Chinese travelers who settled in Singapore in the mid 1820s.


As this was the second day of the Chinese New Year, offerings were made by worshippers. Here the temple is visible behind huge joss sticks.


An just right beside another Chinese Temple not far away from the first, an Indian Temple, built nearly 200 years ago, called the Nagore Dargah. This building is gazeted a National Monument in 2009.


Of course, as is typical in Singapore, ultra modern high rise in the background through the back streets of the conserved shop houses along Amoy Street.


Hasselblad H3D-39 with HCD 4/28.


Well-known member
A quick walkabout the Amoy Street area in Singapore on this second day of this new Chinese Year of the Ox.
Great shots and thanks for sharing all these Singapore photos Peter, I would gladly join but since I never had a MF camera I can't show it here.
But I put all my Singapore snaps together in one SmugMug gallery for those interested: Singapore snaps (APS-C and FF)

I'm looking forward to your next installment


Well-known member
nice pics! Are you based in Singapore?
Thanks Peter, no, I only was there on a few business trips (from Belgium).
Before I retired I combined visits to Shanghai, Singapore and Bangalore into one trip and mostly tried to spend the weekend in Singapore as a very nice and safe place to walk around (and photograph).

P. Chong

Well-known member
Inspired by Satrycon's bicycles in Tokyo. We have abandoned bicycles in many housing estates. Here is one below the rather new high rise public housing project. This is a rather common sight in many housing estates in Singapore. Hasselblad H3D-39 with HCD 4/28mm at f/4 1/20s ISO100, hand held.