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Today's shot. Just a simple C1P conversion. Lifted exposure a little, though I really liked it underexposed to be honest - late afternoon sun created a beautiful rim on the chrome.

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Leica S006, S100 f2. First one @ f2, oof characteristics of S100 lens are quite nice. For those who wish to know it is an image of what we call a Cardinal Spike, I'm certain it has a scientific name of which I have no knowledge. Second @ f11. These are some of the my very first images made with this camera and have not been fully processed. I'm excited about future bw conversions. After shooting the H5D-50c, the menu system is a mess. I really wish Leica could have stayed with an M9 type menu - so simple in comparison.

Bill Caulfeild-Browne

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Among the apple blossoms this evening. Cedar Waxwing, XF/100/SK240 at ISO 1600, handheld at 1/180th, f6.3. This is the sort of shot I would never have attempted with the old DF but the XF focus nails the bird's eye every time. And ISO 1600 is so clean, too.

Fun with Pentax 645z & Pentax smc FA 645 120mm f/4 Macro , processed with Adobe Lightroom:

Classic Cars on Cal Ave, presented by Keeble & Shuchat, Plao Alto, CA

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An elderly couple enjoying a fine summer afternoon in Stewart Park on Cayuga Lake. The women seem to always sit facing their man, while he stares straight ahead. Pentax 645z + D-FA 55/2.8.



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I do not think the TC qualifies as a "tech cam" no matter how many macro adapters and wires I hang off it. :)

A view from my desk. The park on the right is the Imperial Palace.
Fairly difficult to take a decent sunset shot without millions of light fixtures and computer screens being reflected in the window. Some spectacular clouds on occasion.




It has been pretty bloody miserable here for the last week, strong winds and stormy conditions, felt like I should take a shot to represent that. A lot of water flowing in the river which is cool.

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