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Fun with Nikon Images 2021


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Hi Bart, just a short PS.

As a youngster I was a huge fan of not only cold-needle etchings, but also various kinds of etchings, aquatint and such things, where the surfaces sort are able to evaporate/dissolve the forms from reality, to get the graphic expression, where parts of the graphic surface interact in a sort of peculiar way.

And sometimes higher contrast, grains etc. or other takes, can help the eye/brain to liberate itself from focus on reality and turn the vision/perception into more graphic direction, and set the graphic elements in the surface into a more free interaction, like “free parts” of a puzzle at the stage about just being put together


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Took my camera for a walk around my neighbourhood today to see what I could find...

D850 w/24-70mm E | f8 @ 1/125th ISO64

D850 w/24-70mm E | f4 @ 1/500th ISO64

D850 w/24-70mm E | f2.8 @ 1/100th ISO64
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Rayyan, isn't Lofoten? One place I would really like to go, perhaps next life, who knows...
Definitely looks like Lofoten...perhaps Svolvaer.
Stunningly beautiful place.
Our most memorable visit was in the early 90's - travelling by bike - camping next to fjords - not a cabin or person in sight.


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Thanks folks for the likes.
Thorkil, Swissblad; I couldn't name the exact place but around there somewhere.
What a wonderful place and holiday we had. We liked Scandinavia so much, we went there 5-6 times!!

Best regards.


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just a short notice for us Nikon Z and Tamron 90 Macro owners (model F017), finally we can deliver the lens to our dealer and get it updated for the FTZ mount on our Z's.
Really good news for the patient Tamron owner. And for my part I can save the money for a Z 105 macro.


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It's been a long time since I posted in the fun-with-Nikon thread. Pretty much exclusively analog these last few years (F6 though - go look at the analog forum!), and much less of that than there should have been as I dealt with some medical threats. It's been, quite literally, years since I tried to use a digital Nikon, and I see that in the meantime I have been (perhaps irreversibly) damaged by my dabblings in 10x8 film. So I went to check on the builders' progress at the house we should have moved into 18 months ago. And instead of a normal photo, I ended up with this:

Nikon D850, AF-S Nikkor 24-85mm 1:3.5-4.5G VR

I may try to overcome this, but I am sworn to avoid the over-manipulated HDR nonsense. I'm a film person born and bred, and trying to find a place in the digital world now and then while I still spend 90% of my time developing film.


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I honestly don't know many of us who came from film that don't "avoid the over-manipulated HDR nonsense." I dislike it myself, but I suspect many believe it's a way to add interest to an otherwise droll image. To me it's "lipstick on a pig."