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Fun with Nikon Images


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So JD... Are these older images or did you give up on Canon and come back to Nikon?


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They are older images from when I owned the Z. I'm still shooting with the Canon RP and do love the colors and lenses, but am very careful when shooting at f/1.2 for paid work with the EF/RF 50mm 1.2. and FD 85mm 1.2. Actually, for those assignments I keep it at f/1.8 or f/2 to be sure I have more DOF, unless specifically going for a special look when I can take my time. The Z's 50mm 1.8S does a great job as both of these portraits are some of my favorites. It probably resolves better than any lens i've owned. The new Z camera line up is tempting too...


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Thank you for the comments. I really appreciate it. It inspires and encourages like no other.
On that note, here's another with the Z7 and 50mm 1.8. I'm finding the beauty of f/1.8 gives a very shallow DOF, but so much more forgiving of f/1.2!
Gorgeous portrait - I've never been a 50mm person - BUT - this is very tempting



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ok, this time i made sure these were done with a nikon body. goes back a few years but still most satisfying. Great Falls ParkView attachment 176485View attachment 176486
Been a while since I went through recent postings here on the Nikon forum, especially that I have shot "Nikon" DSLR's since their inception. Some truly fantastic images by all! I quoted the above post & image by Paladin as it brought back fond memories of my white water Kayaking days at that very location (Great Fall) for years. I'm now safely ensconced in a touring and/or tandem kayak on calm waters often with a camera nearby or driving over these waters via the American legion (Cabin John) bridge. Far more saner that way. :)

Dave (D&A)
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Darin Marcus

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I upgraded my iMac to Big Sur and now Capture NX-D no longer exports files (they get placed in the batch processing queue and then nothing happens).
Long story short, I converted this for the web in Lightroom Classic...

Nikon Z50, Nikkor Z DX 16-50mm f/3.5 - 6.3 VR

Click on image to see full size.