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has anyone tried the Hasselblad CFV II 50c with tech camera?


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I leave the Peak Design standard plate on my 907x all the time now too. For similar reason ... it helps the body stand on its own. It also means I can plop the camera onto any of my tripods very quickly without having to spend time to fish out a plate and allen key wrench every time. I take it off when I fit the L-bracket.

I'll see if it fits easily with the control grip too... that should be here on Wednesday. :)


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You mean on the 907X? Its the HB plate, kept there to prevent scratching the bottom...:), kinda silly I guess. And allowing the body to sit on its own.

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Using the Hasselblad quick plate system has a certain charm to it, too.

I was wondering for some time if the official plate for the X-system and X1D is equally intended for the 907X. It seems this could work well. Cheers!


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The problem is that the 907x body's mounting point is wide but very narrow fore-aft. The plate for the X1D and II bodies is much longer in this dimension ... If that plate is not solid metal and has any compressible material on it, it could cause a problem in positioning of the camera as the camera will not be flat to the plate—never mind problems with the back being impinged upon.

The PD plate I'm using has a very thin bit of rubber in a couple of scalloped insets which compresses complete to the metal parts in contact with the camera base, as does a Benro plate I've also used. The DAL L-bracket has no rubber at all. Effectively, all three of these contact the camera base, do not touch the back at all (1.5mm clearance) and hold the camera rigidly without chance of rotation or 'tipping' assuming that I've torqued the screw to about 4Nm.