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How about more and more fun with Canon...


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Thought I would share this Canon 5DS version of a photo I recently posted to the Medium Format Fat Pixel images thread which was taken with a P20+ and Hasselblad CFi 60/3.5 Distagon.

I took this shot today with one of my favorite Canon lenses, the 100/2.8L macro. The colors here look more accurate to me than in the P20+ image I processed and posted, so I need to figure out why that is so. I really like the 5DS and 100/2.8L macro combination even for non-macro photos.


_MG_0100 RAW Auto Electric Dumpster Cropped SQ w-bdr P1800.jpg
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I've been interested in the 100mm f/2.8 macro for portraits. Great colors!
I’ve used (and still use) the standard Canon 100/2.8 USM macro for many years, mostly for non-macro photos. It is an excellent lens and value, especially at the current price of just $599. Lenses in the 85-105 focal length are some of my favorites. On this day I had the 100/2.8L macro mounted on the 5DS and the standard 100/2.8 macro mounted on my Canon 1V HS with Provia 100 loaded. I took the same shots with both cameras and look forward to comparing the results when I get the film developed and scanned.