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More and more film fun with something other than a Leica M


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First try, after some experimenting years ago with RT, at developing color negative at home. Result: very uneven development due to way too little agitation.
At least the temperature was accurate with the newly purchased CineStill SousVide.

Kodak Portra 100T, expired early 2000.

Hassy ELX, CZ 50mm

Equipment as before.

Hasselblad ELX, CZ 150mm


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I just know, if I am going to do color at home, it will be Compard Digibase C41 due to the very stable and well splitted stock solutions. Need just to agitate all the 3 min 20s next time.


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Hah! I thought there was an existing thread for "other than a Leica film camera" somewhere, but couldn't find it. I posted this just seconds ago in a separate thread ... and then this thread popped up next to it in the display... Sigh! :)

Morgan Horse - Triton Museum of Art, Santa Clara 2022
Kodak Retina IIc + Retina-Xenon 50mm f/2.8
Fuji ACROS 100
ISO 100 @ f/11 @ 1/125
Scanned with Leica M10 Monochrom + Macro-Elmarit-R 60mm



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Messed up C-41 again. Now with vigorous agitating and in inverting all 3 min 15 sec.
But I have a clue, I need several in between washes (which is not mentioned in the instructions.)
to prevent carryover. I think I had carryover to the final rinse with Stabilizer, so I mixed new Stab.
Maybe I get lucky the third try.

Christmas soon gone, ouch !

But in the summer I need more gasoline...

Fuji NPZ 800
HB ELX, 150mm CZ


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Mamiya RZ, Sekor Z 180 and 50mm, Ilford HP5, Rodinal 1:100

Overexposure gives more grain. I was not restrictive. Not happy.

A little spring perhaps ?

A landmark

The Beach

And after this film, I learned a less microcontrast boosting scanning method.
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