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More and more film fun with something other than a Leica M

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Nikons are getting quite a workout around here this year: :):):)




And hundreds more over the last 12 months.

Various films and several developers using the FM2n, FE2, F80, F100, Nikkormat FTN, etc.

Do I miss my Leica M? Yes! But not for image quality… both the M3 and M6 gave me immense pleasure to use for years, and they were both fun to use and they are a work of functional and aesthetic art in themselves.

But, the Nikons I have are wonderful in their own right. I have been having great fun shooting, developing and post-processing my own black and white images at the rate of one roll of 135 film (36 exposures) per week … but I will soon settle in at a sustained rate of one roll of film every 2 weeks. Life gets in the way, unfortunately.;)

This still allows me to immensely enjoy shooting my film cameras and the amazing process that is creating film images on my own. Shooting with my Nikons and doing a blind test comparison with my Leica M images, merely to select which images are which, given the lenses I had, is virtually impossible, and, to distinguish which ones I like better is futile.

it is still the photographer that makes the difference. Maybe one day I will get it right!:):):)


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Yes different cameras are fun, but of course just one can be enough and adequate. I like different cameras, but do I definitely need them - NO.

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Hmmm… been out of action for a few weeks.
But now, I am back.:)

Due to increasing medical expenses, I have sold everything except for my old Nikon bodies, manual focus and a couple of AF bodies. But so far the last six months, I have shot a couple of dozens of rolls of film, developed, scanned, and processed them all. It has been great therapy.:):):)

Tonight, I will start on some old expired film developing. I have no idea how they will turn out so stay tuned and keep posting your images!:)